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KOMOTO, which was established in year 1989, has been devoted to specialized research and development of IR Strobe. We have over 20 years’ practical experience that successfully contributes to obtain the domestic and foreign patent of invention for many products including High Speed IR Strobe, License Plate Recognition(LPR) Cameras, Digital Video Recorder and Image processing. We confidently regard the quality, specialty, innovation, service and sincerity as five vital cores of enterprise to promise our customers. These days KOMOTO has performed a great achievement in the areas of Taiwan, Europe and America, Japan and Southeast Asia. Under our best quality policy of stern quality control and customer satisfaction, we not only have been developing the most competitive and reliable products but also will take zero service rate and absolute customer degree of satisfaction as the ultimate objective to fully meet customer needs.


In 1995, KOMOTO successfully developed the very first high speed infrared projector in Taiwan and later on used this know-how to apply in the street intersection monitoring and car license plate identification. We have widely dominated the market in the leading position by means of the unceasing R&D, innovation and practice experience accumulation. In 2000 and 2004, our technology was more successfully applied to the highway number plate recognition system and the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection). Although our professional and leading technology that became the leadership brand have earned an excellent reputation from customer, we still have been engaged in the pursuit of breakthrough and progress. In recent years KOMOTO has developed various types of high speed infrared flash apparatus and all in one type of high speed car license plate identification system to increase competitive advantage that accurately and swiftly assists customer.


  Meanwhile our sales area have covered Europe, USA, Japan, Oceania and many Asian countries and have good reputation in the world.

KOMOTO business strategy is drafted by the acute observation on the industry and market trend that facilitates internal adjustment to consolidate professional service and strong R&D team. This absolutely brings our customer high quality service and product. Sticking to the faith of taking the guest as respect has acquired consistently high praise from customer.

When pursuing the growth of business, KOMOTO has also dedicated to the development of environmental protection technology. The use of natural radiation and low power energy conservation technology for the product innovation and material choice can largely reduce environment pollution arisen from product. Based on the concept of the sustainable management, we will keep making a lot of effort not only to reinforce the R&D but also to carry out the profound service in the future that will provide more complete and diversified service for greeting a challenge of new generation.



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